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Sportsbook Odds Boost Calculator

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  • What this calculator does: Calculates the new house edge on an odds boost bet using the original odds, boosted odds, and the original house edge.

  • How to use this calculator: Plug in the plug in the original odds, the boosted odds, and the original house edge.  To calculate/estimate the original house edge, see below.

  • How to interpret results: A positive house edge is the "juice" and means the sportsbook still has the advantage. A negative house edge means that you have the advantage, and the odds are in your favor.

How to Calculate the Original House Edge:
  • Need help? Post the bet in our forum or email us and we'll do the calculation for you.

  • 2 Way Bet: If it's a 2 way bet (yes/no, over under, etc) then use the traditional house edge calculator.  If you can't find both sides of the bet, look at multiple sportsbooks to find.  Some bets will not be able to find both side, and will have to make an estimate.

  • Futures/Multiple possible winners base on 1 outcome: Use this futures calculator to calculate original house edge.

  • Parlays: The math gets very complicated calculating parlays.  Many odds boosts are parlays (player score + game outcome, etc).  You need to calculate the house edge component of the parlay, then use a parlay calculator for the overall house edge. It's a lot of work, use us the help you calculate!

  • Estimates: Sometimes you will just have to use an estimate. The original house edge is likely somewhere between 5 and 40%.  We use 8% for two way bets, 12% for futures/multiple out comes and 2 way parlays, and 25% for 3 way parlays.

  • Examples:  Available in our members section of our forum. Must join to see the examples (100% free to join, never any fees)

  • Disclaimer: The calculator is only a tool for analysis but does not guarantee the results of any bets. is not responsible for any losses or inaccuracies.

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