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Turn $20 into $1000 Guaranteed at NJ SportsBooks!

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

My name is Mark. I live in New Jersey. I am not a professional sports better, but I have "earned" over $3000 at NJ online sportsbooks using a simple strategy- advantage bets. While the strategy is simple, there are many ways to make mistakes. I'll help you prevent the mistakes. I am here to show you EXACTLY what to do 100% FREE (I will NEVER ask for money, while tips are appreciated, they will be donated.)

Let me be clear. With my step by step strategy, you will start out with $20, and turn it into over $1000 in profits. You will never need to lay out more than than $20 that you start off with. Since I am guaranteeing results, you have no financial risk if you follow the strategy.

As an added bonus, if you join my forum today, I'll send you $20 cash if you make ANY online sports bet at any New Jersyey sportsbook today, August 8th. That's right, make ANY bet at ANY NJ online sportsbook, and I'll send you $20 (verification of your bet required).

What's The Guarantee? Start off with $20, follow my advice and start winning at the NJ Sportsbooks. If you are not up by AT LEAST $1000, I'll give you your $20 back!

What's My First Step? Join my forum NOW. There's never been a better time to play. You will get instant access to the Members Only posts with today's picks and the step by step guide to turning $20 into $1000.

What's Today's Pick? All picks are posted in my forum. They are posted in the members only section to encourage you to join the site and be a part of the community. You will get instant access as soon as you Join, and you will be able to see all the picks.

Why AM I Doing This Site? I want to build a community of sportsgamblers specifically for the New Jersey online sportsbooks. There are a lot of great tips and tricks to utilize to enhance profits (arbitrage, deposit method cashback, odds boosts, loyalty programs, etc.) In short, I need your help to build this community, and, I am willing to pay you $20 to help get it started!

Proof of my winnings and play? See below. I have a stash of PLAY+ cards proving I have played at all the NJ Sportsbooks that I recommend! Here are screenshots of some of my earnings, and my PLAY+ card collection. (I am offering $100 to the first person that can match my collection, brag about it on the forum and I'll send you the cash!)

Which Sportsbooks have the "Must Play" Welcome Bonuses with almost NO CHANCE of losing money? All of the following bonuses provide advantage bets, if played properly. Don't make a mistake, get the step by step guide by Joining my forum!

1) William Hill: Deposit $150, play with $310. Predicted profits $136.36

2) Borgata: Deposit $20, get an extra $100 in free bets, predicted profits $47.60

3) PointsBet: Deposit $50, play with $150, predicted proftis $48.5

4) SugarHouse: 100% Instant Deposit Match up to $250, predicted profits

5) Unibet: Truly Risk Free 1st Bet up to $250 plus $20 in Free Bets, predicted profits $122.73

6) BetMGM: 100% Instant Deposit Match up to $500

Which Sportsbooks have the "Must Play" Welcome Bonuses with some chance of losing money? These Sportsbooks are highly profitable advantage bets, but, there is some chance that you will lose money. On average, people will win more money than they lose. They should be played, but, I recommend saving these for later on once you build up your bankroll, in case you end up losing. My step by step guide will fully explain exactly how to play these in the most profitable fashion.

1) Draftkings: Free 1st Bet Matched up to $500, predicted profits $217.50

2) FanDuel: Risk free first bet up to $500, predicted profits $217.50

Are there other Advantage Bets Besides Welcome Bonuses? Yes. Many of the sportsbooks offer special promotions and odds boosts. Only a few are actually advantage bets. By Joining my forum, you'll have exclusive access to seeing which ones are advantage bets.

What's the Catch? Are there any risks? Yes. You will invest some time in this process. It's possible that you'll be very unlucky, and end up needing to use my $20 Guarantee (although mathematically VERY unlikely). Also, it's possible you won't follow my step by step guide and lose money. You may try some other types of bets that are not advantage bets. You may risk your own money in addition to the $20 that you start off wiht. Sportsbetting is fun but could become addictive. If you or someone else you know has a problem gambling and wants help, call 1 800 GAMBLER.

Any terms and conditions on the guarantee? Yes. You must be over 21. You must live in NJ. You must Join the forum. If you end up losing your initial $20, you will need to provide verification of the loss. That's it!

JOIN NOW- Start the process to turning $20 into $1000, Guaranteed!


I am here to help, I am available to assist you every step of the way:

Text or Voice: 609 405 9948

Chat- click on box at bottom of the screen, available most business hours

- Mark

Let's keep the juice! Let's make some money together!

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